Landscape designers orange county

Landscape designers orange county

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Remove your water sucking lawn and install California native plants to save on your water bill. California native water saving plants will also look beautiful in their natural surroundings. Contact M. Read our reviews on Google from our satisfied customers! First Name required. Last Name required.

  • Landscape Architects & Designers in Orange, CA
  • The Art of Modern Concepts
  • AIA 2021 California Firm Award
  • 25 Landscape Design Ideas for Midcentury Modern Homes
  • Turn-Key Landscape Design
  • The Design Process
  • Drought Tolerant Landscaping & Gardens
  • Ramco Construction
  • Landscape Design jobs in Irvine, CA
  • Los Angeles Landscaping Experts
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Landscape Architects & Designers in Orange, CA

Jodie Cook Landscape Design is a landscape design studio focusing on ecological design principles. We transform land into environments for living that are exceptional, beautiful and inviting to all living creatures. To us, a successful garden is one in which the line between landscape and wild nature is blurred; a place where you can contentedly read, entertain, play or dine outdoors. A setting in which a bird might raise its young and a butterfly or hummingbird might seek nectar or shelter.

We often juxtapose the contemporary with the wild. Our clients understand this too. Clear, detailed, incorporating photos, illustrations and educational elements as necessary for the intended audience. We love horticulture and the potential of plants, well curated, to make magic happen.

All planting plans are carefully rendered utilizing plants readily available and adapted to the site. Choosing healthy, high quality plants and ensuring correct installation on site are critical parts of the design process. We are available for on-site observation during all phases of installation. Long term landscape planning, phasing and consulting based on Sustainable SITES principles and a firm understanding of landscape design and maintenance. Communities transitioning from conventional landscaping practices to sustainable landscaping practices can benefit from a strategic approach and education for their community members, and contractors.

This blog is written periodically by Jodie Cook. We are delighted you are reading it! Landscape design and garden thinking is constantly evolving. Is Artificial Turf Right for You? Five years ago we began discu Landscape Sustainability Craftsmanship '; document. What We Do. We work on a wide range of projects and programs. Landscape Concept Plans. Detailed Planting Plans. Landscape Consultation.

Illustrative and photo-realistic renderings can bring life to community design presentations. Planting Selection and Installation. Horticultural Planning for Communities. Recent Projects. Custom Residential. Horticultural Consulting. Garden Details. Latest News.

The Art of Modern Concepts

Postwar mid-century modern homes were designed to blend indoor and outdoor living. Homeowners could view their gardens through floor-to-ceiling windows and easily interact with the outdoor environments through sliding glass doors and patios level with interior floors. Landscaping for these homes was—and remains—clean and uncomplicated, with an emphasis on hardscape and the pleasures of outdoor living. In the s and s, home builders like Joseph Eichler and the Alexander Construction Company made Modernism accessible to the masses—building post-and-beam tract homes with exuberant, often exaggerated rooflines in Southern and Northern California. Mid-century modern homes in California were often designed for the Mediterranean climate.

landscape design jobs available in Orange, CA. See salaries, compare reviews, easily apply, and get hired. New landscape design careers in Orange.

AIA 2021 California Firm Award

The best landscaping design can inspire and wow visitors and make them feel more welcome and relaxed. It can also provide a relaxing atmosphere where people can unwind. An outdoor space with great landscaping design brings people together and encourages them to enjoy themselves and their surroundings. At Ecocentrix Landscape Architecture, our experts make designing an incredible space a priority for our clients in Orange County, California. As a professional landscape architecture and design firm, we understand that every property in Orange County, California has a unique terrain and natural environment to consider. Whether your property is a large space or a small backyard, our landscape architecture and design firm makes sure to enhance those existing features that make your outdoor area in Orange County, California amazing and build upon them to make truly spectacular landscape designs. For example, if you have a beautiful yard with steep slopes and an incredible view, we will use indigenous plants and stone to give the yard a natural feel to encourage your friends and family to enjoy the space. Our landscape architects and designers are excellent communicators, and they will work closely with you to help translate what you have in mind into a reality. We work with professionals in a range of trades, including engineers, contractors, developers, construction managers, architects and interior designers and much more, as well, helping to coordinate a landscape design and installation schedule that transforms the property and provides an appealing and inviting outdoor space. To get started with the landscape design of your home in Orange County, California, call the landscape architects and designers at Ecocentrix Landscape Architecture today at today.

25 Landscape Design Ideas for Midcentury Modern Homes

We have been designing and installing beautiful landscaping and hardscaping projects sinceOur reputation for excellence and unparalleled quality of service around Southern California has earned us a place on the Inc. All of our competent crews undergo thorough training and certification to ensure the value of their work meets the highest standards of our customers, every time. We are a designers and builders and will not only design your space, but ensure that your project is completed within your budget, with no hassle.

We have worked with a variety of customers and can meet different needs including, but not limited to, creating HOA drawings, suggesting ideas, or offering simple tips. We have developed a cost-effective and efficient 3-step process to help you reach your project goals.

Turn-Key Landscape Design

Specializing in the complete landscape design and installation of your outdoor project all over Southern California. Our Design team has many years of construction experience and is equipped with the latest design technologies to provide you with an amazing landscape design. Whether you are interested in the installation of a new driveway, pool deck, patio, walkway, remodel your existing pool, outdoor living room, outdoor kitchen, or a complete new Backyard Oasis, Western Outdoor a Design and Build Company is your company of choice. Our professional landscape designers will sit down with you and be the medium through which your dreams of a modern Southern California outdoor lifestyle become your reality. Our construction experience contributes to our ability to design within a budget because not only do we comprehend the form and function of a design, but we are able to anticipate the flow of construction.

The Design Process

Whether you need specific landscape plans for your HOA or you need landscape designs for a large backyard landscaping project, TRU Landscape Services will bring you a beautiful working design that TRU Landscape Services can translate into a reality. The perfect team for unique Orange County Landscape design and construction. With 25 years of experience both designing and building, Our local designers knows how to create a design that looks good, but is also functional. Why might you need a landscape designer? Our process for achieving satisfying landscape plans is to first meet with the clients at their residence and establish a budget for the project. During the consultation, we will ask for a wish list and prioritize items, explaining to each client what their budget accommodates. We can also do a full, onsite landscape consultation and talk through the landscape design using our years of experience. We know which plants and trees will look great and thrive in your Orange County landscape design.

Landscape designers, or landscape architects, spend their days designing and creating aesthetically appealing and functional outdoor areas.

Drought Tolerant Landscaping & Gardens

Thanks to these very talented musicians and dancers, especially to Connie for calling the steps. See the video dance party here. The new bulletin board is designed for easy access and protection from the weather. They both listened to our needs and delivered a product that surpassed our expectations.

Ramco Construction

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Experience the difference of total yard management. Blend your vision with our design expertise. A sustainable landscape is one that creates an attractive environment with minimal use of resources. Landscapes designed to fit a particular site and climate can virtually take care of themselves using sustainable techniques that will not deplete or damage natural resources. The most common and innovative features for use in a sustainable landscape include: water saving irrigation systems, drought tolerant plants, permeable surfaces, water harvesting systems, and green roofs to name a few. We could not be happier with our experience with Paradise Designs.

Getting started on a custom Armstrong landscape design is easy.

Landscape Design jobs in Irvine, CA

Project Statement Women in the Dirt: Landscape Architects Shaping California is a documentary film based on interviews with seven of the most talented female designers in California today. The purpose of the film is to promote the profession of landscape architecture while demonstrating the wide variety of work done by these women; from private gardens to large public projects, and political involvement resulting in changes of public policy, these women are shaping California. Project Narrative. The Concept Seven of the most talented female designers in California will be introduced in this film. They are all award winning landscape architects with remarkable reputations.

Los Angeles Landscaping Experts

Landscapes that are environmentally friendly have the added benefits of being naturally beautiful and water-wise. Our Irvine, CA landscape architecture and designs use native plants and artistic hardscapes. Our hardscape design for outdoor landscapes are custom made to match your unique space. Collaboration is the key to successful landscape designs.


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